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Dr. Rodolfo Gari has been practicing pain management and pain relief in Tampa for more than 25 years. Learn more about him.
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Welcome to Florida Pain Relief Group

Dr. Rodolfo Gari Pain Tampa

We provide complete & comprehensive pain management for your whole family in Florida

Florida Pain Relief Group, a health care pain facility in Florida, focuses on the diagnosis, treatment and management of chronic pain. Our pain clinics specialize in the total care of the person. We take an active approach in helping you reclaim control of not only your pain, but your life. You may feel as if you will suffer with chronic pain for the rest of your life. Not necessarily. At Florida Pain Relief Group, with proper pain management treatment, we help people live full, normal lives after having experienced chronic pain.

Are you suffering for pain due to a sports injury? We offer a variety of treatments for sport related injuries. Living with pain can affect the quality of your life. We don’t want pain to be a reason to slow you down. Our pain specialists offer a variety of pain management procedures, including natural pain relief treatments. Our focus is on you and helping you get back to an active pain-free life! To schedule an appointment with a pain specialist to discuss your  treatment options, call Florida Pain Relief Group, at 844-542-5724 (KICK-PAIN) .

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